stoke land is always under attack

Peter Hartmann, activist leader, standing above massive rapids on the Rio Baker. “The biggest problem is that [the HidroAysén hydroelectric project] implies destroying everything, taking everything out of the region without leaving much behind…These projects are immense, on a scale that is absolutely unmanageable for this region. They’re unmanageable because this region is very fragile, ecologically, geologically as well as culturally. For example, in the area where they want to build the HidroAysén mega-project, there are as many people living there as the company is going to need to build the dams. So imagine what that means – practically doubling the area’s population.”

Photo by : Bridget Besaw, courtesy of of iLCP, taken for their RAVE campaign.

Please see more information on how this project basically shits on Chilean Patagonia.

And please also see more photos of what will be lost if the dams are constructed.

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