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editorial chat with daniel c. britt while he’s getting mortared

the following chat took place on 12/1/2010 via skype:

[1:47:22 PM] david miller: yo
[1:58:50 PM] daniel c. britt: hey man
[1:58:52 PM] daniel c. britt: wass up
[1:59:00 PM] david miller: yoyo
[1:59:00 PM] daniel c. britt: how you is?
[1:59:05 PM] david miller: good man
[1:59:14 PM] david miller: getting some killer fucking contributors lined up for BETA
[1:59:20 PM] david miller: just gonna be amazing
[1:59:23 PM] daniel c. britt: cool man
[1:59:23 PM] david miller: how you doing man
[1:59:32 PM] david miller: are you in embed mode yet?
[1:59:42 PM] daniel c. britt: im good, chillin in shar joy
[1:59:48 PM] david miller: cool
[1:59:50 PM] daniel c. britt: yeah working on an ied thing
[1:59:56 PM] david miller: damn
[1:59:57 PM] daniel c. britt: hope it comes together
[2:00:18 PM] daniel c. britt: before i forget let me get to my facebook and dig up my bros website
[2:00:21 PM] daniel c. britt: hang on a sec
[2:00:29 PM] david miller: dude you seen one of those new school smart technology grenade launchers?
[2:00:54 PM] david miller:
[2:01:03 PM] david miller: shit almost seems unfair
[2:01:29 PM] david miller: all though i guess as they say, all is fair
[2:02:14 PM] daniel c. britt: no holy fuck
[2:02:18 PM] daniel c. britt: ive never seen it
[2:02:34 PM] daniel c. britt: i guess alls fair as long as it doesnt change hands
[2:02:49 PM] daniel c. britt: you can buy us m-4s at the bagram bazar
[2:02:56 PM] david miller: jesus
[2:03:12 PM] david miller: that little launcher looks tight though
[2:03:18 PM] david miller: almost fun sized
[2:03:23 PM] daniel c. britt: yeah its sweet
[2:03:38 PM] david miller: dude hit me with ur paypal email b4 i forget
[2:03:41 PM] daniel c. britt: lite a mofo up with that shit
[2:03:46 PM] daniel c. britt: [daniel’s paypal email ]
[2:03:50 PM] david miller: coo
[2:03:51 PM] david miller: thought so
[2:03:58 PM] david miller: adding this to payment sheet now
[2:04:00 PM] david miller: yesterday’s piece
[2:04:22 PM] daniel c. britt: cool man thanks
[2:04:59 PM] david miller: yeah, hit me with ur friends’ site too
[2:05:08 PM] daniel c. britt: im lookin
[2:05:40 PM] david miller: k
[2:06:08 PM] daniel c. britt:
[2:06:19 PM] daniel c. britt: shane liddick
[2:08:11 PM] daniel c. britt: we were in iraq at the same time last year
[2:08:18 PM] daniel c. britt: dood hitchhiked across anbar province
[2:08:54 PM] daniel c. britt: then got into a fist fight with an mentally italian journalist behind the baghdad press center
[2:09:04 PM] daniel c. britt: it was awesome
[2:09:43 PM] daniel c. britt: he lives pretty close to me in SF now
[2:10:02 PM] daniel c. britt: working at a warehouse, writing on the side
[2:11:52 PM] daniel c. britt: think hes also some sort of pilot, should beta need to enlist those services
[2:20:56 PM] david miller: damn
[2:21:01 PM] david miller: sounds like a bro
[2:21:09 PM] david miller: scoping
[2:23:27 PM] daniel c. britt: hey were getting mortared
[2:23:47 PM] daniel c. britt: just one
[2:23:55 PM] daniel c. britt: pussies
[2:30:12 PM] david miller: damn
[2:30:21 PM] david miller: like the base is getting mortared?
[2:30:23 PM] david miller: wtf?
[2:30:53 PM] daniel c. britt: one shell
[2:31:04 PM] daniel c. britt: just inside the hescos
[2:31:19 PM] daniel c. britt: dood we didnt even loose internet
[2:31:26 PM] david miller: hell yeah
[2:31:48 PM] david miller: dude did you get hooked up with body armor?
[2:33:30 PM] daniel c. britt: yeah we found a dealer in kabul , totally ripped us off, its US interceptor gear though so itll stop a .762 round, supposedly point black. anyway tomorrow im going to start looking for ieds or possibly go on a mission to clear a weapons cache
[2:34:22 PM] daniel c. britt: which ever i get illl stick with it for the next five days
[2:34:29 PM] daniel c. britt: and that will be my story
[2:34:34 PM] david miller: right on
[2:34:40 PM] daniel c. britt: these last few days have been pretty hit or miss
[2:34:52 PM] daniel c. britt: foot patrols, a lot of craters but no contact
[2:35:20 PM] david miller: what is the terrain like
[2:35:30 PM] david miller: having trouble imagining
[2:35:49 PM] daniel c. britt: cold dessert
[2:36:03 PM] daniel c. britt: and mountains
[2:36:07 PM] daniel c. britt: everythings covered in dust
[2:36:18 PM] daniel c. britt: houses are mud
[2:36:34 PM] daniel c. britt: shit gotta get off, soldiers in a line behind me times up yo ill ttyl
[2:36:41 PM] david miller: lates

snowboarding with layla

I’ve sort of dreamed about this moment. Getting Layla on the board for the first time. But then when we were actually up at Perito Moreno I seemed to forget I’d thought about it before and we were just hiking up this service road. I took the board just in case we reached the top (from there I could jump up on the T-bar).

We were in this Cohiue forest, soft-packed snow in the middle of the roadbed, a half a foot of powder along the banks. Nobody around. The angle of the roadbed and the conditions were perfect.

In Argentina they call sledding “culo patin,” or ass-sliding. We went for it.

Immediately after the first culo-patin-ride she was saying “otra vez, otra vez.” We walked back up and I told her we could try snowboarding. There’s almost no better feeling than a board floating up in the pow and carving these big quiet turns in the middle of the forest. Check the size of that Cohiue in the background. I heard Layla give her first “Yoohooooo!” as we hit this particular turn with a bit more speed and flow.

This shot below gives a good sense of how the terrain is here in Rio Negro, Patagonia. On the horizon is the pre-cordillera, a comb-ridge / extended range of flatirons with different sections (Los Repollos, Cerro Piltriquitron). On the other side of that is the pampas, the desert. The valley in between is this super fertile farmland, the basin containing El Bolson, Lago Puelo, El Hoyo, and to the North, Bariloche.

The mountain we’re riding is the shoulder of the Andes. The peaks(and the border with Chile) are another 2 hours’ ascent. The terrain here is temperate rainforest. The understory has these CaƱa Colihue plants, or canebrakes. Out of all the tree-riding I’ve ever done, I think this terrain is my favorite. There are creekbeds everywhere, which, when filled in with snow, create these long serpentine waves and ramps and gulleys through the forest.



1. all photos by lau bernhein
2. if i’d thought about it beforehand i would’ve brought layla’s helmet. not that it wasn’t safe (it was super safe), but just to start the ‘protocol’ from the very first day: you go riding, you wear a helmet.

Wintertime Stoke in Patagonia

after 40-50 days of rain / snow, yesterday and the day before it was clear. layla and i hiked up cerro amigo. we saw a condor. that’s our word now, condor. super condor.

yesterday we walked out to the airstrip and looked back at the ridgeline where the condor flew.

cerro piltriquitron

layla kept looking at piltri and saying ‘mucha snow.’

it was clear but cold, maybe 40 degrees and windy. we all got cold after half an hour.

all the puddles that were in the shade were still frozen and layla got to break ice with her ‘stompers’. it was all super condor.


all photos by laura bernhein.