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postmodern juxtaposition #5763 of being a writer /editor

Editing Robert Hirschfield’s story on visiting the Jewish Cemetery In Calcutta, uploading a photo to go with it, then zooming in on a detail in the photo–the Hebrew letters in stone–and thinking about the author in Brooklyn and his brother’s grave in Oregon and those other graves in Calcutta,  then looking out the window at Cerro Piltriquitron in Argentina while listening to Kid Klimax by Atlas Sound and sort of crying at the chord changes @: 44 and @2:13.

Then feeling stoked about this somehow.

Micromix by Atlas Sound

Blogged about this micromix by Atlas Sound. Notes: favorite part starts @ 29:40 when Bradford sings “Sing to the coffin that awaits you, sing to the coffin in you mind, sing to praise yourself, ” and then has this ill break that goes into harmonics and harmonica and sad hard chords.