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My room is small.

I wish it were even smaller though. Right now I can take like, two steps one way across, and three the other way.

That seems like too much.

It always seems like too much.

It would be awesome to just walk up to someone on the street and grab him or her by both shoulders then scream, “It’s, always, too-much.”

It feels embarrassing when I require too much of the world.

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Wintertime Stoke in Patagonia

after 40-50 days of rain / snow, yesterday and the day before it was clear. layla and i hiked up cerro amigo. we saw a condor. that’s our word now, condor. super condor.

yesterday we walked out to the airstrip and looked back at the ridgeline where the condor flew.

cerro piltriquitron

layla kept looking at piltri and saying ‘mucha snow.’

it was clear but cold, maybe 40 degrees and windy. we all got cold after half an hour.

all the puddles that were in the shade were still frozen and layla got to break ice with her ‘stompers’. it was all super condor.


all photos by laura bernhein.